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The 12 Week Masterclass program teaches business strategies that have been tested and measured worldwide by ActionCOACH professionals. Learn the lessons, then reinforce and apply them in your own business each week.

Mastery is the result of dedication, discipline, and training.

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Management Mastery

Learn the tactics and management essentials such as team communication, managing meetings, and effective planning through systems to position your company for greatness.

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Sales Mastery

Break down tools, scripts and tactics to handle, address, and overcome objections while learning about prospecting, lead generation, closing techniques, post-sales follow-up, and more.

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Why Join a Masterclass

Joining a masterclass isn't just a commitment to learning...

It's an investment in your business and career success.

The 12 Week Training Masterclass is a transformative journey designed to elevate both your professional expertise and personal growth.

Using ActionCOACH’s extensive and international library of shared experiences, tactics, and knowledge, you gain successful strategies tested across thousands of businesses globally directly from the source.

Between absorbing invaluable insights directly from Brad Sugars and the guidance of a certified coach to practically apply the lessons, you will ensure real-world impact and immediate relevance for your personal success.

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How The Masterclass Works

A 12 Week Training Masterclass is comprised of weekly 30 minute video lessons, taught by Brad Sugars, the founder of ActionCOACH.

After watching the video on your own, you will attend a weekly group session with Caitlin Blundell to review, summarize, analyze, and apply each weeks message.

If you want to review the curriculums and learn more about what's offered, check out the masterclass pages for a better idea of what to expect

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