12 Week Management Training Program-

Management Masterclass

The definitive management training course. Learn core concepts directly from ActionCOACH founder Brad Sugars, then reinforce and apply the lessons in YOUR business during 12 weekly group sessions with Coach Caitlin.

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Without management, chaos replaces strategy.

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

- Michael Jordan

Lets Talk About Training

Managing is an integral aspect of business operations and a valuable skill. Like all skills, it requires ongoing development to stay on top. Regular management training yields positive outcomes...

  • Companies that invest into management training can often outperform their goals by 15% [leveleleven]
  • Companies that do not value project management techniques report 67% more of their projects failing. [teambuilding.com]
  • Training new managers can offer 29% ROI in the first three months [trainingindustry]
  • Leadership training improves learning capacity by 25% and performance by 20% [apollotechnical]

Lead By Example.

ActionCOACH's 12-week Management Program is a series of educational sessions to help hone your leadership skills, refine your management process, and keep you up-to-date on the best practices every great manager must master.

Whether you are the primary decision maker, a leader of a large team, or a newly promoted manager, there is massive value in this program.

Program Info

  • 1 Hour Lesson Each Week
  • 12 weekly training videos
  • Tools & documents to assist you
  • Group discussions & peer support

An Expert-Led Program for Business Leadership

The 12 Week Management Training Masterclass is comprised of weekly 30 minute video lessons taught by Brad Sugars, followed by a group session with Caitlin Blundell to review, summarize, analyze, and apply each weeks message.


Learn the skills to adapt your communication style to the way your team wants to be communicated with, and build systems for effective teamwork.


Know your team, and learn techniques to develop them and ensure you have the right people your business needs to be successful.


Gain inspiration and motivation to be the best leader you can be, and ensure you position your company for greatness.


Every business needs both managers and leaders. Learn the difference between the two, and when each skillset is used in working with a team.

Who Benefits

Management training is not exclusive to primary decision makers. This course is tailored to address the unique needs of each level of leadership, ensuring that you can leverage management skills to achieve unparalleled success in your own field.

Management training equips you with essential skills that transcend industries.

  • Improve communication skills, effectively conveying ideas, expectations, and feedback.
  • Gain tools and practices for systematic problem-solving to address challenges methodically.
  • Assess and enhance individual and team performance, creating a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Develop skills in setting clear, achievable goals and aligning them with broader organizational objectives.

Management is a process, Leadership is an art form.

The trouble with most training, whether we’re talking about all the best books, or even one of the training courses from your local university is that you don’t get any feedback. You have all this great info, and think you’re applying it properly, but how do you really know?

With ActionCOACH’s 12-week programs, you work week by week with a certified business coach through your results, your learnings, questions, and challenges. You get all the management tools and skills in the entire ActionCOACH system distilled into 12 sessions to be learned, reviewed, then applied.

This is the training that you can expect from ActionCOACH. World-class simplification. Crystal clear training. And a coach alongside you to help perfect your practice.

If this is something you are interested in, get in touch to start setting up your training masterclass.


Course Outline
Week by Week

The curriculum covers a wide range of essential topics such as team communication, managing meetings, and effective planning through systems, all while providing guidance and support throughout the entire journey.

Session 1: What is Management
Session 2: Management Competencies
Session 3: Managing Daily Lists
Session 4: Managing Weekly Lists
Session 5: Managing Weekly Meetings
Session 6: Managing 1-2-1 Meetings
Session 7: Goals and Measures
Session 8: 90 Day Planning
Session 9: Reviews, Development, & Discipline
Session 10: Communication & Tools
Session 11: Build Effective Teams Through Systems
Session 12: Transition from Manager to Leader

Program Cost



$100 per week, per person.

When organizations don't create a training budget or invest in their teams, their performance will suffer. Even more so if you are the sole manager in your business. For this reason, management training is a crucial investment for companies of all sizes and types.

A well-built leadership toolkit is a competitive advantage that will continue to yield positive outcomes and drive business success - securing you immediate results and long term benefits.

Meet The Coach

Caitlin Blundell, Certified Business Coach

Hi, I'm Coach Caitlin, and I work with business owners to build high value companies that give them the ultimate freedom to scale up, sell, step back, or pass down.

As an award-winning ActionCOACH, my programs are designed to help you build a business that works for you, not just because of you. They will provide you practical tools and strategies that yield tangible results, leaving you inspired and equipped to excel in your endeavors.

I will help you achieve more, using proven tools, methodologies and systems. I will hold you accountable for your results and, just like a sports coach, push you to perform at your very best.

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"Working with Caitlin is priceless! She has a vast knowledge in entrepreneurship and coaching, which she uses to guide her clients to achieve their personal business success. She is realistic, innovative and encourages to ACTION! Time spent with Caitlin is value added to your business."

- Keachea

"I have attended several sessions with Caitlin. She has been great to work with and has great understanding what can help to get a business to the next level. She understands what questions to ask and which areas to focus on to help challenge you as a business owner."

- Joel

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