"Most people would have you believe starting and growing a business is personal but selling is simply a business transaction. Selling your business is just as personal."

- John Warrillow, Founder of the Value Builder System

Looking for the Offramp?

You might be ready to sell, or just ready to free up your schedule... Or maybe you're planning to transition your business to a new generation of leaders.

The one common factor in all of these scenarios is that you have a business that can thrive without you...

...That's where I come in.


Get Your Value Builder Report.

How does your business score on the eight factors that drive company value? Get a comprehensive assessment of the "sellability" of your company today.



Your Value Builder score will show you how your company is performing compared to others in your industry.

Wondering how to improve your score?

As a certified Value Builder agent, Caitlin will offer you a comprehensive and confidential Value Builder Assessment. This one-on-one meeting will interpret your score and develop an action plan for improving it. Your assessment will include a discussion of your overall results, along with your score on the eight key drivers of company value and some quick wins for improving your grade on each one.

Whether you want to sell soon or just know you're building a valuable asset for the future, improving your Value Builder Score gives you an immediate and quantifiable return on investment. In a study of 40,000+ businesses, companies that achieve a Value Builder Score of 80+ (out of a possible 100) go on to sell at a 71% premium compared to average scoring businesses.

Double Your Value, Double Your Offers